Something Wild Results


10K & 5K on Sat 3rd August

2K & 1K on Sat 3rd August

Summit Ultra, Marathon & Half Marathon on Sun 4th August


10K & 5K Sat 28th July

2K & 1K Sat 28th July

Half Marathon Sun 29th July

Marathon – OFFICIAL THREE LAP RACE on Sun 29th July
The race was neutralised after we had to close the river crossing. So finishing order is based on the Official 3 Lap Race Results below

Ultra – OFFICIAL TWO LAP RACE ON Sun 29th July
A number of competitors did not manage to cross the river for a 3rd time before we were forced to neutralise the race. This caused some anomalies in the 3 lap results (eg people being overtaken by runners turned back from the river who had a shorter run back to HQ) Therefore, for the Ultra we are basing the offical finishing order on 2 completed laps (approx 14 miles)

HOWEVER because so many of you decided to carry on – you CRAZY lot (by running to and from the river crossing in the pouring rain!) we are also publishing the full results to include people who did 4 & and in one case 5 laps! So people can rightfully claim a full trail marathon or Ultra based on their watch distance.